man and woman hiking up a trail in the mountainous Arizona desert

Nobody intends to get lost while hiking but here’s how to prepare in case it happens to you

A pair of hikers spent an unplanned night in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains wilderness area and have some tips to share with other hikers.

Water trickles over rocks with petroglyphs on Hieroglyphic Trail

Hike Hieroglyphic Trail #101 for an easy path to petroglyphs and waterfalls in the Superstition Mountains

Two of the most exciting things to find when you’re on the trails of Arizona are rock art (aka petroglyphs) and waterfalls. If you hike Hieroglyphic Trail in the Superstition Mountains at the right time of year, you’ll likely find both.

Stunning beauty exists deep in the shallow coves of Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is one of Arizona’s beautiful gems. If you want to gain a true appreciation for this spectacular oasis on the edge of the desert, you have to paddle back into the shallow coves.

Woman "surfing" at the Wave Cave

Challenging Wave Cave Trail is an Arizona favorite for pictures

Wave Cave is one of the most photographed natural wonders in Arizona. Find out how to take your own wave cave pictures, get trailhead directions and a permit.

Weavers Needle rock formation rises above surrounding landscape

Legend says shadow of Weavers Needle points way to gold in Superstition Mountains

Set in the rugged desert landscape of the Superstition Mountains,  Weavers Needle is an erosional remnant column of rock that forms a distinctive peak visible for many miles around.

Postcard Perfect Arizona by Saija Lehtonen

Meet the artist behind the desert moon pic that went viral

Recently, I had a chance conversation with Saija Lehtonen – the photographer who brought a well-timed shot of a desert … More

Slow down and explore the Apache Trail

Ever wondered what travel was like before most roads were paved with concrete and asphalt? You can find out on … More

More Superstitions: Wave Cave

Wave Cave is a popular hiking destination in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. This very scenic may be considered a little short by avid hikers, yet it provides a good workout due to the steep and slippery route up to the cave. Read this post to find out more details and how to get there.

Springtime flowers bloom at foot of The Flatiron in Superstition Mountains.

Legendary Superstition Mountain blooms

East of Mesa, AZ sits the Superstition Mountains. Legends abound of gold stashes such as the “Lost Dutchman” mine.
Less legendary, but equally impressive, are the flowers that put on a show each Spring. Check out this post for pictures of beautiful flowers seen along Siphon Draw Trail and tips for viewing them on your own.

This challenging hike to Flatiron Peak in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains will leave you breathless

Flatiron Peak in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains lures thousands of hikers to it every year. Here’s how to experience it for yourself.

Large shadow image of mountain lion on side of mountain

Superstition Mountains cougar shadow appears only a few days a year

A few days each year, for just a few minutes, a shadow on the Superstition Mountains east of Apache Junction, depicts what appears to be a cougar chasing its prey. Find out when and where to view this amazing Arizona wonder in this post, with a clickable map to take you there.