Weavers Needle rock formation rises above surrounding landscape

Legend says shadow of Weavers Needle points way to gold in Superstition Mountains

Set in the rugged desert landscape of the Superstition Mountains,  Weavers Needle is an erosional remnant column of rock that forms a distinctive peak visible for many miles around.


More Superstitions: Wave Cave

Wave Cave is a popular hiking destination in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. This very scenic may be considered a little short by avid hikers, yet it provides a good workout due to the steep and slippery route up to the cave. Read this post to find out more details and how to get there.

Springtime flowers bloom at foot of The Flatiron in Superstition Mountains.

Legendary Superstition Mountain blooms

East of Mesa, AZ sits the Superstition Mountains. Legends abound of gold stashes such as the “Lost Dutchman” mine.
Less legendary, but equally impressive, are the flowers that put on a show each Spring. Check out this post for pictures of beautiful flowers seen along Siphon Draw Trail and tips for viewing them on your own.