Superstition Mountains cougar shadow

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A few days each year, for just a few minutes, a shadow on the Superstition Mountains east of Mesa depicts what appears to be a cougar chasing its prey.

Superstition Mountains cougar shadow
Jeff Downey of Apache Junction, AZ captured this pic of the Superstition Mountains cougar shadow in March 2017.

When and where to view the Superstitions Mountains cougar shadow

  1. Timing is critical. The cougar only appears during the third week of March and September each year in the late afternoon hours. Locals say one hour before sundown is prime time.
  2. If you want to see this phenomenon in person, head to the intersection of Superstition Blvd and Goldfield Road in Apache Junction for a relatively unobstructed view.

There is a wide shoulder on the east side of Goldfield Rd (opposite the homes) where you can pull off to view the cougar and take pictures. Please be respectful of people who live in the area by keeping music and voices at a low volume.

Rule #1 of enjoying nature: Leave only footprints, take only pictures.

Tap the map below for a good spot to view the Superstition Mountains cougar shadow

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