Privacy notice

We respect your privacy
Our commitment is to do everything within our power to safeguard your personal information, which in most cases, amounts to no more than your email address.

We do not:

  • Ask for your Social Security number, address, date of birth or details about your finances.
  • Collect, gather or store credit card or bank information.
  • Share any personal information about our readers to anyone for any price.
  • Take responsibility for any information you provide about yourself if you link away from this site.

Any purchases conducted directly on this site will result in payment being made via PayPal and in accordance with PayPal’s privacy policy.

Affiliate marketing disclosure
You may see promotional content on this site for products or services that link to reputable third party sites for purchase. If you do business with these trusted third parties after linking to their site from ours, a nominal commission or referral bonus may be paid to us by the product or service provider.

We are not responsible for any personal information you may provide on a third party site for any reason. Once you leave our site, you are subject to the other site’s privacy policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, you may contact us by email: azwonders @ (without the spaces).


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