AZ Wonders photo use guidelines

Due to an increase in requests to use photos from this site, I have come up with a pretty simple photo use policy. If you like a photo you see on feel free to use it. Unless it meets the exceptions below.

Exceptions: If a photo you want to use includes a photo credit to an individual’s name in the caption, you may not use the photo without first obtaining permission from that individual. Also, you may not sell images or use them on products sold for a profit.

You are free to use any photo that does not explicitly include a photo credit to an individual. Otherwise, you can assume that all photos on this site are the property of the editor of and are available for your use.


How to use a photo from the gallery for your personal use:

  • Click on the image to enlarge it
  • Save it to your device and upload to your email, blog, social media, etc.
  • If you publish the image on another website, include the text “Photo credit:”
  • As a courtesy, send a link to the page or post with the image(s) you used to azwonders @ (no spaces).

Try it with one or more of these popular images:

View from inside the cliff dwellings at Tonto National Monument
View from inside the cliff dwellings at Tonto National Monument
This cluster of barrel cactuses is a hot spot for photographers as they roam BTA looking for prize shots.
Suspended view of Arizona's Verde River with towering canyon wall in background
Topography along Arizona’s Verde River varies from steep, rocky canyons from the river to plateaus dropping to wide floodplains, with the river a central feature.
Large boulders emerge from Watson Lake near Prescott, AZ
Granite Dells of Watson Lake near Prescott, AZ

Open sharing on social media

Since the mission of is to share the amazing plants, places and people of Arizona with as many people as possible, you are encouraged to use the share widgets at the bottom of each post to share entire articles with your friends and followers. No permission required.

Thank you for helping spread the awesomeness of Arizona!

Have specific questions? Contact me or post your question in the comment box.


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