Arizona Bucket List book guides you to 50 must-see natural wonders in the Grand Canyon State

Coming October 2019

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Each page guides you on a new adventure

It’s a guide

  • Detailed description and travel directions to 50 natural wonders in Arizona
  • Tips on the best time to visit how to get permits (if needed)

And a journal

  • Includes space to jot down memories as you check each item off your Arizona Bucket List

About the author

Arizona Bucket List author Paul Fiarkoski began exploring Arizona in 2013.

In 2014, Paul went on a hiking trip to world-famous Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon. After three days of hiking and wading in the turquoise pools beneath 100-foot waterfalls, his perspective of Arizona changed forever. He created an Arizona bucket list and began checking places off.

Fast forward to today: Fiarkoski has logged thousands of miles, chipping away at adventures in the Grand Canyon State. He narrowed down a list of 50 of the top natural wonders and included them in Arizona Bucket List Adventure Guide & Journal.

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