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Some Arizona quick facts:

  • Ranks fourth out of 50 states in the nation in public land acreage
  • 35-plus million acres of public lands
  • 35 state parks covering more than 64,000 acres
  • 20 national parks and monuments
  • 6 national forests

That’s a lot of ground to cover but I’m here to help you make the most of your time when you do venture out.

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Here’s what Joni from Tucson said about AZ Wonders:

You have a very lovely site! I have lived in AZ since 1993. Aside from having spent much of the time since then dealing with a lot of obstacles of various sorts (mostly health), I’m not really an outdoors person. I used to be a road trip person, but it’s now more physically challenging. Anyway, the point is that after just about 20 minutes of glancing at some of your articles, suddenly after all these years, I had an urge to travel a bit and see a few of the places you’ve written about! That is, aside from seeing the Grand Canyon, which is still an unfulfilled aspiration. So, “inspiring” is a word I’d use to describe your page! 😀 Thanks for sharing your joy of AZ. :::claps:::

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