Good luck finding a more scenic, fully accessible trail than Rim Lakes Vista Overlook on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim

In order to experience some of Arizona’s most spectacular natural wonders, setting out on foot for many miles is required. If physical limitations make hiking rugged terrain impossible for you or someone you know, Rim Lakes Vista Trail is a great place to enjoy the boundless beauty of the Mogollon Rim.

Flat, paved trail winds through ponderosa pine forest

Quick take

In my never-ending pursuit of Arizona’s top trails, I found one on the Mogollon Rim that made me very happy. It’s called Rim Lakes Vista Trail.

The views are incredible. You’d have to go to the Grand Canyon to find better. It’s flat, paved, and not too long; just perfect for people who are mobility impaired.

Mogollon Rim Sunset
Practically everyone can enjoy views like this on Rim Lakes Overlook Trail near Woods Canyon Lake on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim

It’s flat, paved and not too long; just perfect for people who are mobility impaired.

If you’ve seen more than a few of my posts, you know that I’m not mobility impaired. So, why does the Rim Lakes Vista Trail make me so happy?

I have family members that occasionally come visit who are unable to safely walk out onto some of the rocky, uneven trails I’d like to show them. But this one is perfect for people who can’t walk far, or rely on a wheelchair or other aids to get around.

I experienced a sunset at this spot one Saturday evening in May and was completely blown away by how stunningly beautiful the entire landscape was. As I waited out the last 90 minutes of daylight, I observed dozens of people of all ages and abilities come and go.

Two separate wedding photographers met their clients in the small visitor’s parking lot. After some brief introductions, they promptly jumped into action only a few paces from their starting point.

A young couple and their toddler strolled less than a couple dozen yards from their vehicle and took probably as many photos – of themselves and the horizon.

One senior gentlemen struck me as a frequent flier to the site as he offered take a picture of three millennial-aged coeds. Although his voice was soft, his experience spoke loudly. “This is a much better backdrop over here,” he said. They wasted no time relocating to the place he pointed out. After a few poses and clicks of the smartphone, they were thrilled with the prized pics they walked away with.

About a half hour before sunset, one overachiever in the art of romance set up a card table and draped it with a fancy table cloth, then set up two chairs. Moments later, he served a gourmet dinner to his honey and himself as the sun faded beyond the horizon.

Hike summary:

  • Length: Up to 3.3 miles, one way
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Highlights: Spectacular, pine-studded views in every direction
  • Precautions: Very steep cliffs with no railings, high altitude limits oxygen
  • Trailhead: Rim Lakes Vista Overlook
  • Pass/permit required: None

Note: 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers

If it’s longer trails of the rock and dirt variety you’re looking for, this place has you covered, too. Nearby trailheads get you onto more rugged trails that run for many miles in different directions.

Video: What you’ll experience on this trail

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Map to Rim Lakes Vista Overlook and Trail

You can find some incredibly beautiful natural wonders around Arizona if you’re able to get out and log some miles on foot to get to them. Thanks to Rim Lakes Overlook, some of the most spectacular views in the state are available to people of all abilities.


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