Willow Springs Lake and forest

This short and easy trail to Willow Springs Lake gets more scenic the further you hike

If you’re looking for a relatively short hike with beautiful scenery on the Mogollon Rim, take a stroll on the trail to Willow Springs Lake from the Horse Trap Trailhead near Forest Lakes.

View of Willow Springs Lake from treelined shore

Look no further than Willow Springs Lake on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim for relief from the desert heat

Need a break from Arizona’s heat? Look no further than Willow Springs Lake, about 30 miles east of Payson on the Mogollon Rim.

Mogollon Rim Sunset

Good luck finding a more scenic, fully accessible trail than Rim Lakes Vista Overlook on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim

If physical limitations make hiking rugged terrain impossible for you or someone you know, Rim Lakes Vista Trail is a great place to enjoy the boundless beauty of the Mogollon Rim.

Panoramic view of Blue Ridge Reservoir in Arizona

Blue Ridge Reservoir: Tips for a kayaking and camping adventure you’ll never forget

The ultra scenic Blue Ridge Reservoir located on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim could easily be mistaken for a lake in Oregon or Northern California. Get tips for kayaking and camping in this spectacular place.

Tall waterfall cascades into pool of light blue water

Ultimate Arizona Wonders bucket list and top ten list

After an eye-opening experience I had in 2014, I created the ultimate bucket list of amazing Arizona wonders I have to visit and started checking them off.

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Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery helps Rainbow Trout get a healthy start

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Refreshing Rim Country experience flows from Horton Spring and Creek

Nearly 4 miles from the trailhead, Horton Spring is the crown jewel of this exhilarating hike. Crystal clear water emerges from a wall of rock and spills over mossy boulders.

Mogollon Rim separates Arizona high country from desert

If you spend enough time in or researching Arizona, you’re bound to hear the term “Rim Country.” It’s a reference … More

Ruins at Tuzigoot National Monument

Ancient dwellings at Tuzigoot National Monument

Few experiences can help you feel the spirit of the Southwest like exploring one of the many ancient dwelling sites dotted around Arizona. Tuzigoot National Monument, a couple hours’ drive north of Phoenix, is a wonderfully restored geological wonder.