aspen trees on shore of Big Lake

First-timer’s guide to exploring Arizona’s White Mountains

If you were a passenger on a car ride to Arizona’s White Mountains in the eastern part of the state … More

Fossils in a rock along Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon provide evidence prehistoric life once roamed here

Every day, hundreds of people hike one of the most popular trails in Grand Canyon National Park and don’t even see the signs of prehistoric life left behind on a trailside rock.

"Old Bones II" painting represents the "Boulders" area in Cave Creek, AZ.

Phoenix artist brings Arizona wonders to life in her studio

Phoenix artist Marsha LAZAR Klinger loves to recreate the Arizona landscapes in her studio with pencils and paint and. The results are beautiful. Get to know Marsha and see her award winning works.

mules resting on South Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon mules rest along South Kaibab trail

A cross between a burro and a horse, the sure-footed mule is perfectly suited for navigating the long, steep trails … More

Adorable young donkey posing for photos in Oatman, AZ

Adorable burros seek, sow wild oats in Oatman

Oatman, AZ has a burro problem. It started not long after the town’s gold mining operations were shut down by … More

Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery helps Rainbow Trout get a healthy start

Due to the wildly fluctuating water levels and temperatures in Arizona’s waterways, the fish population doesn’t exactly thrive. And when … More

America’s Largest City Park: South Mountain in Phoenix

Just south of downtown Phoenix rests South Mountain Park – the largest city-run park in America. With access points in … More

The adorable Gambel’s quail is a welcome guest throughout much of Arizona

Adored for their bobbing black topnot of feathers, these elusive birds of the desert Southwest take cover along brushy washes … More