Ultimate Arizona Wonders bucket list and top ten list

This all started after I went on a group hiking trip to Havasupai in 2014. Short version: It was a five hour bus ride to a dusty parking lot, then an eight-mile hike to paradise on earth. That trip changed my perspective of Arizona in a major way.


Tall waterfall cascades into pool of light blue water
Mooney Falls in the Havasupai Nation of the Grand Canyon

I started to wonder: If that magnificent place was accessible only to those willing to get out of the car (bus in my case) and venture out, what other wonders are out there waiting to be experienced? I chose to no longer just live in Arizona, but to actually seek out adventure and explore this amazing place.

That’s when I created what I believe to be the Ultimate Arizona Wonders Bucket List. (There’s a map too!) Although I created it for myself, I’m happy to share it with you. I hope you’ll share it with others, too.

DON’T LEAVE YET! Be sure to scroll down to see my top ten list.

Ultimate Arizona Wonders Bucket List

Here’s my list of must-see places in Arizona. I’ve arranged the list in alphabetical order for (my) convenience.

If the text is linked, that means I’ve featured it as a post on this site.

Click those places for more info, tips, pictures and video. Anything in normal text, I have yet to blog about.

The list is constantly changing, so check back often.

Arizona Wonders Bucket List Top Ten

If you’re visiting Arizona for just a few days and won’t have time to visit all the amazing wonders on the Ultimate Arizona Wonders bucket list, narrow your sites to these places on my top ten list:

  1. Havasupai (Grand Canyon)
  2. Superstition Mountain Cougar (Apache Junction)
  3. Ribbon Falls (Grand Canyon)
  4. Grand Falls (Navajo Nation)
  5. Antelope Canyon (Page)
  6. Horseshoe Bend 
  7. Kartchner Caverns
  8. The Wave
  9. Petrified Forest
  10. Vermilion Cliffs

Like maps? Me too. That’s why I plotted all these places on this map for easy reference:

I became aware of many of these sights by watching the Arizona Highways Magazine TV show, plus a number of other groups I’m connected to on social media. Since my trip to Havasupai in 2014, I’ve been in constant pursuit of these spectacular wonders.

What’s missing from the list?

If there are other sites you think I should feature in this blog, please mention them in the comments box below.

Paul Fiarkoski

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Since moving to Arizona in 2012, I’ve logged hundreds of miles on hiking trails and byways. After one particular hike to the falls of Havasupai in the Grand Canyon, I became obsessed with exploring the many natural wonders of Arizona.

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  1. Yes, you’re right. How did I miss those? Been to monument valley. Can’t believe I left that off the list. The Dells – do you mean the Granite Dells near Prescott?

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