Silhouette of cross standing high above burned down church

Is it a miracle? Cross remains unblemished after massive fire burns down St. Joseph Catholic Church in Phoenix

On May 1, 2019 a massive fire erupted inside the sanctuary of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Phoenix. Everything was destroyed – except for the cross.

Kachina rock formation guards the Boynton Canyon vortex in Sedona

While on a hike in Sedona, Charles Golson caught this spectacular image of a rock formation bearing a resemblance to a Kachina woman.

Tall waterfall cascades into pool of light blue water

Ultimate Arizona Wonders bucket list and top ten list

After an eye-opening experience I had in 2014, I created the ultimate bucket list of amazing Arizona wonders I have to visit and started checking them off.

Hohokam petroglyph rock art at Hayden Butte in Tempe

Petroglyphs on the south slope of Hayden Butte Preserve adjacent to the Arizona State University Sun Devils Stadium are an excellent example of rock art left by the Hohokam Indians, believed to have dwelt in the Valley of the Sun between 700 and 1450 A.D..

Close up of memorial offerings at Granite Mountain Hotshots Fatality Site

Granite Mountain Hotshots memorial honors 19 firemen who lost their lives fighting Yarnell Hill fire

On June 30, 2013, Arizona lost 19 very special men in the Granite Mountain Fire near Yarnell. The tragedy gained nationwide attention and became the story line for the 2017 big screen movie: Only the Brave.

South Kaibab Sunset painting by Meg Newberg

Grand Canyon sunset painting stuns all who see it

There’s little doubt that the Grand Canyon inspires more artwork than any other Arizona wonder. And there’s a painting by … More

Ruins at Tuzigoot National Monument

Ancient dwellings at Tuzigoot National Monument

Few experiences can help you feel the spirit of the Southwest like exploring one of the many ancient dwelling sites dotted around Arizona. Tuzigoot National Monument, a couple hours’ drive north of Phoenix, is a wonderfully restored geological wonder.

Bell Rock vortex site Sedona, A

Introduction to the vortexes of Sedona and where to find them

Sedona has long been known as a unique placed steeped in mystery. One such mind-boggling phenomena is that of vortexes – spots on the globe where high concentrations of energy spiral toward or away from the earth’s core.

Large shadow image of mountain lion on side of mountain

Superstition Mountains cougar shadow appears only a few days a year

A few days each year, for just a few minutes, a shadow on the Superstition Mountains east of Apache Junction, depicts what appears to be a cougar chasing its prey. Find out when and where to view this amazing Arizona wonder in this post, with a clickable map to take you there.