Natural rock bridge named Devils Bridge

Escape the heat: Discover the coolest places to visit in Arizona this summer

With temperatures regularly exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be difficult to find relief from the scorching heat. That’s why I’m excited to share some of the coolest places to visit in Arizona this summer.

stone fireplace in desert

Many myths surround the history of Lost Ranch ruins in Phoenix South Mountain Park

Tucked into a small valley of South Mountain Park in Phoenix is a little known ruins site that has generated all sorts of urban myths. I think I uncovered the truth.

Wide shot of caves dug into the wall of a canyon

Remote location in Verde River Valley helps protect ancient ruins of Mindeleff Cavate dwellings

Compared to many national parks that feature smooth asphalt roads with large parking lots and visitor centers,Mindeleff Cavates ruins are relatively inaccessible. That may be a good thing because the ancient dwelling site is very well preserved.

Phoenix Pueblo Grande Museum preserves Hohokam way of life

Spend an hour walking around the Pueblo Grande Museum and you’ll quickly appreciate how the ancestral Hohokham Indians were able to thrive in the hot desert region now known as Phoenix.

Montezuma Castle

Eons before architects dreamt of high-rise condos, shopping malls or domed stadiums, ancestral natives devised a way to build a functional … More

This challenging hike to Flatiron Peak in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains will leave you breathless

Flatiron Peak in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains lures thousands of hikers to it every year. Here’s how to experience it for yourself.

To see the wonders of Lower Antelope Canyon you have to go below the surface

Lower Antelope Canyon is a special place in Arizona where people feel a spiritual connection to nature is . Were you to merely hopscotch over the tiny slits in the rocky surface, you might not know of the beauty that lies in the slot canyons below.

Large shadow image of mountain lion on side of mountain

Superstition Mountains cougar shadow appears only a few days a year

A few days each year, for just a few minutes, a shadow on the Superstition Mountains east of Apache Junction, depicts what appears to be a cougar chasing its prey. Find out when and where to view this amazing Arizona wonder in this post, with a clickable map to take you there.