Historic Hackett House in Tempe

Rare is the Arizona building made of brick; stucco tends to be the exterior of choice. Rarer still is a structure built before 1900. Constructed in downtown Tempe in 1888, the Hackett House is reportedly the largest building in Arizona built with locally crafted brick.


There are actually two buildings at the Hackett House site: one that originally housed a bakery, and an adjacent retail store. Today, the storefront building houses a small gift shop. On display in the former bakery building are dozens of artifacts shared by Tempe’s many sister cities around the globe. A scenic, shady courtyard connecting the two buildings also serves as a location for meetings, weddings and other private functions.

The complex was initially owned by German immigrant William Hilge, who delivered bread around Tempe and Mesa. In 1907, the Craig family purchased both buildings and converted them to residences. One of the Craig daughters, Estelle, married Roy Hackett and lived on the property until it was sold to the City of Tempe for preservation in 1974.

It’s a wonder that after all these years, the Hackett House buildings sill maintain their appeal and benefit the community.

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