Introduction to the vortexes of Sedona and where to find them

Sedona has long been known as a unique placed steeped in mystery. One such mind-boggling phenomenon is that of vortexes – spots on the globe where high concentrations of energy spiral toward or away from the earth’s core.

Experts on the topic claim masculine energy emits from the earth; feminine energy draws toward the earth’s core.


Here’s an explainer video based on my limited knowledge of vortexes:

The vortex phenomenon is sometimes visible in Sedona around dusk, when lightning is present without clouds.

Hikers have reported that their compasses fidget when approaching a vortex, rather than point due North.

Others claim the hair on their arms stood up.

Vortex experts say that one way to find high vortex energy is to look for Juniper trees with twisted trunks.

Five main energy vortexes in Sedona:

Some people believe that vortex energy can bring about spiritual healing. Enough so that a cottage industry of healing for the soul has emerged in Sedona. Debra Stangl runs Sedona Soul Adventures and claims she has seen amazing transformations happen with her clients.

Map of Sedona vortexes:

Map provided by Southwest Media Communications.

Want to learn more about vortex energy? Here is a popular guide that can help you get started:


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