Bell Rock in Sedona

It’s big. It’s beautiful. It’s unmistakable. Bell Rock is perhaps the easiest to recognize of all named rock formations in the Sedona area. One of the more powerful vortexes in Sedona, Bell Rock stands tall and wide at the southern edge of town.



Although very steep and rugged, visitors to Bell Rock like to see how high they can make it up the sides. Most make it no further than half way up, but once in a while you’ll see an adventurous soul or two perched on the highest sections. Surprisingly, the smooth sandstone surface offers as good of traction during a rain shower as when it’s dry.

While beautiful all the time, to catch a glimpse of Bell Rock as the sun sets is a site to behold.

Where is Bell Rock?

Want to explore other vortexes in Sedona? This map will help:


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