Slow down and explore the Apache Trail

Ever wondered what travel was like before most roads were paved with concrete and asphalt? You can find out on Arizona’s Highway 88, nicknamed Apache Trail, as it cuts through the northern edge of the Superstition Mountains, east of Mesa.

Although the Apache Trail spans only about 47 miles, you’ll need a minimum of two hours to travel it — at an average speed of less than 25 mph. Any faster than that just wouldn’t be prudent. What would be prudent is to pack a camera, picnic and drinks so you can take your time and enjoy the experience.

Heck, why not make a day of it and spend some time at one of these popular stops:

  • Canyon Lake
  • Tortilla Flat
  • Fish Creek
  • Apache Lake
  • Inspiration Point
  • Alchesay Canyon
  • Lake Roosevelt

Or, explore one of the numerous roads or trails that finger off from AZ 88. It’s hard to go wrong, unless you’re one who tends to get lost easily.

Local’s tip: Even though you can travel either east or west on the Apache Trail, the prevailing wisdom is to travel it east bound only, then make a loop back to metro Phoenix (or wherever you may be headed) via State Highway 188.

More reasons to hit the Apache Trail (click any image to enlarge):

Ready to go? Tap the map↓:

A favorite shoe of hiker chicks in Arizona:

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