Fish Creek: Cool break from Apache Trail

If you find yourself cruising the Apache Trail, Fish Creek is a good place for you and your vehicle to take a break.

Of course, nobody really cruises the Apache Trail; it’s more like crawling or white knuckling. That’s because the stretch of road between Tortilla Flat and Apache Lake is all dirt, washboard in spots, and very steep.  Oh, and it’s barely wide enough for cars to pass in opposite directions. You’ll know you’ve arrived at Fish Creek when you see the bridge below.

Local’s tip: If the tiny parking area by the bridge is full, there is more parking about a quarter mile north (down hill).

Anywho, unless you have bad knees or other health issues, consider venturing out on the unmarked trail located south of the road just west of the bridge. After meandering through a steep, rugged trail for a couple hundred yards you’ll come to a huge water-carved cave. Double that distance down to the creek bed and you’ll be treated with breathtaking views and, if you’re lucky, a running creek. That will depend on what time of year you visit and recent weather patterns.


Regardless of whether the creek is running, you can follow the amply shaded trail upstream for about a mile into an ever-changing natural wonderland. Here are a few scenes you’re likely to see if you go. (Click any image to expand.)

Then, there’s this:

Ready to go? Google, where is Fish Creek bridge?

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