Flatiron at Superstition

Updated March 10, 2018

Hovering high above the eastern edge of Arizona’s Valley of the Sun is a natural monument called The Flatiron. Every year, it lures thousands of hikers to it like Mecca. Most come for the breathtaking views, while some take on the hike to earn bragging rights.

Although there are several ways to reach The Flatiron, Siphon Draw Trail from Lost Dutchman State Park is the “easiest” route – if you consider logging over 3,000 feet of vertical in a 6.2-mile round trip easy.

Not sure you have the energy to see it in person? That’s okay; we’re happy to show you what it looks like here. Enjoy!

Siphon Draw Trail in Lost Dutchman State Park with The Flatiron pointed out near top center of image
From the point of the sign on this map, it’s about 2.5 very steep and challenging miles up Siphon Draw Trail to The Flatiron.

Click any image for larger view.

Short section of trail leading to the peak of Flatiron
After a couple hours of hiking, climbing and scrambling, the joyous little section of trail leads you out to the peak of Flatiron overlooking the Valley


Steep section of trail to the Flatiron known as Siphon Draw
This is the section of trail to the Flatiron known as Siphon Draw. It begins to get really steep here, causing many hikers to rethink their decision to hike it.


View from The Flatiron
View from The Flatiron

flatiron10View from The Flatiron

Want to see The Flatiron for yourself?

Before you go, it’s important that you are prepared. If you are not an experienced hiker, give this serious consideration before you go. It is considered one of the most challenging hikes in Arizona. Dozens of people are rescued from the trail each year due to dehydration, health issues and injuries from falls. It’s a very expensive trip to the hospital that is charged to the individual needing rescue.

Tips for hiking to the Flatiron via Siphon Draw Trail

  • Avoid summer months: mid-May through mid-October
  • Go early morning while temperatures are cool and you have plenty of light
  • Bring at least a gallon of water per person and turn around when your water is half gone
  • Pack high-carb, high-sodium snacks for added energy
  • A hiking stick or poles can really help save your legs and knees on this hike; especially coming down
  • Work gloves are helpful in climbing some of the very steep sections of rock
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make it all the way to the top. There’s always next time

Tap the map for directions to Siphon Draw Trailhead ↓


Anyone who has hiked up to The Flatiron will agree: extendable, shock-absorbing poles like these will really help save your knees when you’re coming back down.

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