Flatiron at Superstition

Hovering high above the eastern edge of Arizona’s Valley of the Sun is a natural monument called The Flatiron. Every year, it lures thousands of hikers to it like Mecca. Most come for the breathtaking views, while some take on the hike to earn bragging rights.

Although there are several ways to reach The Flatiron, Siphon Draw Trail from Lost Dutchman State Park is the “easiest” route – if you consider logging over 3,000 feet of vertical in a 5.5-mile round trip easy.

Not sure you have the energy to see it in person? That’s okay; we’re happy to show you what it looks like here. Enjoy!


Click image to enlarge.

Anyone who has hiked up to Flatiron will agree: extendable, shock-absorbing poles like these will really help save your knees when you’re coming back down.


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