Legendary Superstition Mountain blooms

Updated March 20, 2018

Just east of Mesa, AZ sits an awe-inspiring mountain range known as the Superstition Mountains. Legends abound of gold stashes, including the “Lost Dutchman” mine that continues to attract zealous modern-day prospectors.

Springtime flowers bloom at foot of The Flatiron in Superstition Mountains.
Springtime flowers bloom along Siphon Draw Trail that leads to The Flatiron in the Superstition Mountains.

Less legendary are the flowers that put on a show usually seen only by those who brave the steep, rocky trails in the blistering Arizona sun. Here are some blooms witnessed on a springtime hike on Siphon Draw Trail en route to another Superstition legend – The Flatiron.

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Want to see blooms like this in the Superstition Mountains?

March and April are the best months to count on peak bloom. Read up on fees and rules for entering Lost Dutchman State Park, then tap the map below for directions ↓

Like documentaries? Watch History Channel’s Legend of the Superstition Mountains on Amazon Video:


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