Mature Saguaro cactuses stand bold and tall in the snow-covered desert

Early March storm leaves a blanket of snow on the Sonoran Desert of Arizona

On the night of March 1, 2023 a powerful winter storm blew through Arizona and left a blanket of snow on the Sonoran Desert.

Sunrise transforms the sky above Phoenix into a kaleidoscope of colors

We see a lot of great sunrises in Arizona. After all, it is the Valley of the Sun. But there was something special about the sunrise on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. Dee Gutierrez of Phoenix captured it perfectly.

Comet Neowise over Northern Arizona sky

Check out these jaw-dropping images of Comet NEOWISE captured by Arizona photographers

In July 2020, Comet Neowise graced the northern hemisphere sky. These Arizona photographers captured spectacular images of the rare event.

Sky streaked with pink and orange clouds

Perfect mixture of clouds and sun sets Arizona sky on fire

Arizona is known for fabulous sunrises and sunsets. But this sunset image captured from a north Phoenix neighborhood on January … More

Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area celebrates longest season in history

Higher than average snowfall in Fall, Winter and Spring helped make the 2018-19 ski season the longest ever for Arizona Snowbowl.

Snow blankets the rugged landscape of Sedona, AZ

A look back at Arizona’s epic winter storm of 2019

Arizona was already on track for an above average winter in the precipitation department. Then a massive storm swept in on Wednesday, February 20. It hovered over the state for nearly three days, dumping record amounts of rain and snowfall.

waterfall cascades down a rock face

The secret to chasing waterfalls on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix

Camelback Mountain is one of the most recognizable mountains in Arizona. What’s rarely seen are the post-storm waterfalls that run off of rocky crags on the west end of the mountain when it rains hard.

Storm water rushes across a road

Video: Flash flood waters rushing off the Phoenix Mountains Preserve

It doesn’t rain a lot in Phoenix but when it does, sometimes it comes in massive volumes. That was the case in 2018 when Hurricane Rosa made landfall and dumped lots of rain on Arizona.

Heavy rain makes for epic flow on Sycamore Falls near Williams, AZ after monsoon storm

MUST SEE: Amazing video of water gushing over Sycamore Falls, southeast of Williams, AZ after one of the heavy monsoon rain storms Arizona is famous for.

Arizona Trail sign near Roosevelt, AZ

Two men, one mission: Hike the entire 800-mile Arizona National Scenic Trail

On the third weekend of May 2018, two men completed their quests to hike the entire 800-mile Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT). Each started at different times and in different places. They finished in different spots too.