Mature Saguaro cactuses stand bold and tall in the snow-covered desert

Early March storm leaves a blanket of snow on the Sonoran Desert of Arizona

On the night of March 1, 2023 a powerful winter storm blew through Arizona and left a blanket of snow on the Sonoran Desert.

creosoted plant with flowers on its branches

Humble creosote bush produces a fragrant aroma when it rains in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun

The humble creosote bush is the plant responsible for the desert rain aroma that some fragrance makers try to replicate.

Large pieces of petrified trees lie in pieces in a section of Arizona's Painted Desert

A visit to Petrified Forest National Park is like traveling millions of years back in time

In addition to large deposits of fossilized wood, Petrified Forest National Park also features ancient petroglyphs and hundreds of acres of Arizona’s jaw-dropping Painted Desert.

Hedgehog cactus in bloom

This strawberry hedgehog cactus can’t contain the color

A Low growing desert cactus that grows in clusters, the hedgehog cactus is known for bright flowers that bloom April to late May.

Saguaro cactus in natural desert habitat

How to tell the difference between Saguaro and Arizona barrel cactus

Knowing the difference between Saguaro and Arizona Barrel cactus can help you better appreciate the diverse plant life in the desert.

Cool Springs Station wide view

Cool Springs Station worth going out of the way for

Everyone knows the secret to a successful rest stop is to build a modern facility with all the bells and … More

Where to find ancient petroglyphs on Badger Springs Trail at Agua Fria National Monument

Half way between Phoenix and Sedona, is a spot at the Badger Springs exit to pull off and stretch your legs. While you’re there, take a jaunt down the Badger Springs Trail to see petroglyphs and more of Arizona’s other amazing natural wonders.

Saguaro cactus stands boldly like a Sentinel in the Arizona desert

Saguaros are the signature plant of the Sonoran Desert. Silhouetting one against a flaming sunset remains irresistible to photographers – … More

Postcard Perfect Arizona by Saija Lehtonen

Meet the artist behind the desert moon pic that went viral

Recently, I had a chance conversation with Saija Lehtonen – the photographer who brought a well-timed shot of a desert … More