Gear review: Does the Arctic Cooling hat really work?

Before I saw the Ontel Arctic Cooling Cap displayed in an Ace Hardware Store in Pasadena, CA I had never heard of it. The promotional signage said “As seen on TV” but I don’t watch much TV. It’s only $20, so I decided to give it a try.

As I mention in the video below, it really does work. I felt the cooling effects, for sure.

Arctic cooling hat review: It really works
Arctic cooling hat review: It really works

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Video: Review of Ontel Arctic cooling hat

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What I like about the Arctic brand cooling hat:

  • It really does keep you cooler
  • Costs about the same as a cap of similar quality
  • Super easy to adjust the size
  • Very comfortable fit with great ventilation
  • Reflective bill and cap reduce heat from sunlight
  • Material wicks moisture when dry, keeps your head cool when wet
  • Since it’s designed to get wet, you can (hand) wash it often

What I don’t like about the hat

As of yet, I have no dislikes about the Arctic cooling hat. It’s not exactly stylish, so I guess I could ding it for that. Then again, I haven’t seen too many hats out on hiking trails that are stylish. Function is definitely more important than form when it comes to outdoor gear.

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Full disclosure: if you buy the hat by clicking on the link above, I’ll get a small (real small) commission. That’s not why I’m recommending it. I really think this hat is worth the money and I now wear mine several times a week.

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  1. Interesting! I rarely wear hats anymore although I used to wear ones for fashion. I have a Raiders baseball hat but quit wearing that hiking as I just ended up feeling hotter. So I might try this!

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