Biking Grand Canyon South Rim via Hermit Road (with video)

Grand Canyon

Bicycling South Rim of
Grand Canyon via Hermit Road

Grand Canyon is a sight to behold. One of the best ways to see it is to climb on a bike at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center near Mather Point and head west on Hermit Road. It takes you about 10 miles along the South Rim with countless jaw-dropping views of the canyon.

Video: Biking Grand Canyon South Rim

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Animated Grand Canyon bicycling route map

Tips for an unforgettable bicycling experience at Grand Canyon

  • Entry to Grand Canyon National Park requires a $35 fee or annual parks pass
  • Park near Grand Canyon Visitor Center
  • Rent a bike (if needed) at Bright Angel Bicycles
  • Follow signs on the bike path toward Hermit Road
  • From Grand Canyon Village, head west on Hermit Road
  • Build in time to stop at one of the many lookout points (see on map)
  • Continue to the end of the road (about 10 miles one way) or turn back whenever you feel like it

Map to Grand Canyon Visitor Center


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