"Old Bones II" painting represents the "Boulders" area in Cave Creek, AZ.

Phoenix artist brings Arizona wonders to life in her studio

Phoenix artist Marsha LAZAR Klinger loves to recreate the Arizona landscapes in her studio with pencils and paint and. The results are beautiful. Get to know Marsha and see her award winning works.

Image of large cylindrical rock feature in center with water wrapping around it

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Hohokam petroglyph rock art at Hayden Butte in Tempe

Petroglyphs on the south slope of Hayden Butte Preserve adjacent to the Arizona State University Sun Devils Stadium are an excellent example of rock art left by the Hohokam Indians, believed to have dwelt in the Valley of the Sun between 700 and 1450 A.D..

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4 Arizona Wonders the whole family can enjoy

If you’re looking for family-friendly activities, Arizona has plenty of natural wonders that won’t disappoint. Here are a few favorites that most everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or physical ability.

South Kaibab Sunset painting by Meg Newberg

Grand Canyon sunset painting stuns all who see it

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Supai Village preserves culture of ancestral people far from navigable roads

Deep in a remote finger of the Grand Canyon is Supai, AZ – a tiny, antiquated village inhabited by a few … More

Montezuma Castle

Eons before architects dreamt of high-rise condos, shopping malls or domed stadiums, ancestral natives devised a way to build a functional … More