How Antelope Canyon changed one travel blogger’s perspective about Arizona

I had to chuckle when I read A Page from Arizona by fellow blogger Travel Plan Mom. There’s nothing particularly humorous about what she wrote. What’s amusing is how many times I hear stories similar to this one. Someone “stops by” the Grand Canyon or some other natural wonder in Arizona so as to check it off their list. Then they’re blown away by what they see and feel, and they can’t stop thinking about it. They crave more. It happened to me. I bet it happened to Travel Plan Mom too.

Excerpt from A Page from Arizona by Travel Plan Mom:

When planning our family trip to Utah, my daughter-in-law mentioned wanting to visit one of those Arizona slot canyons – Antelope Canyon, and said that it was just over the border from Utah.  So we added Page, Arizona to our vacation agenda.  During the course of our planning, we also realized that Horseshoe Bend was located a mere few miles away.  So there you go – two fantastic destinations in one place – making the 2+ hour trek from our vacation rental very worth the drive.

In the past, I had seen some amazing slot canyon photos, although at the time I didn’t realize exactly what they were or where they were taken.  I really didn’t understand exactly what we were planning to see.  But as I did some investigating, I realized that this was going to be one of the highlights of our trip.

Read her full write up and see many more amazing pictures Travel Plan Mom took in the Page, Arizona area on her blog: A Page from Arizona — Travel Plan Mom


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