Colorful leaves on mossy log

Fall color explodes on Oak Creek West Fork Trail in Sedona

A stroll up Oak Creek’s west fork offers one of the best hiking experiences in Sedona – an area already known as a hiker’s paradise. Steep canyon walls and shade trees make this a perfect trail if you’re looking to avoid the heat of the Arizona sun.

Bell Rock vortex site Sedona, A

Introduction to the vortexes of Sedona and where to find them

Sedona has long been known as a unique placed steeped in mystery. One such mind-boggling phenomena is that of vortexes – spots on the globe where high concentrations of energy spiral toward or away from the earth’s core.

Devils Bridge a popular Sedona destination for hikers seeking memorable thrills and spectacular views

Among the many sights to see in Sedona, Devil’s Bridge stands out as one worth trekking for. After a fairly … More