Arizona Sycamore tree with unusual hole in its trunk

Sedona: Land of mysterious red rocks, vortexes, aliens and this peculiar Arizona Sycamore tree

Sedona is well known for mysterious sightings and happenings: Red rock formations, vortexes and alien encounters for example. Add this peculiar Arizona Sycamore tree to the list.

Kachina rock formation guards the Boynton Canyon vortex in Sedona

While on a hike in Sedona, Charles Golson caught this spectacular image of a rock formation bearing a resemblance to a Kachina woman.

Hedgehog cactus in bloom

This strawberry hedgehog cactus can’t contain the color

A Low growing desert cactus that grows in clusters, the hedgehog cactus is known for bright flowers that bloom April to late May.

Fossils in a rock along Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon provide evidence prehistoric life once roamed here

Every day, hundreds of people hike one of the most popular trails in Grand Canyon National Park and don’t even see the signs of prehistoric life left behind on a trailside rock.

Water trickles over rocks with petroglyphs on Hieroglyphic Trail

Hike Hieroglyphic Trail #101 for an easy path to petroglyphs and waterfalls in the Superstition Mountains

Two of the most exciting things to find when you’re on the trails of Arizona are rock art (aka petroglyphs) and waterfalls. If you hike Hieroglyphic Trail in the Superstition Mountains at the right time of year, you’ll likely find both.

Petroglyph rock art in South Mountain Park provides evidence of ancestral Hohokam life

South Mountain Park in Phoenix is home to thousands of petroglyphs left behind primarily by people of the Hohokam culture. Discover where you can see them in this post.

Naturally occurring hole in trailside rock offers unique perspective of Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale

This and so many more spectacular views await anyone who ventures out on the Pinnacle Peak hiking trail.

Image of water color painting - moonrise over Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Legacy of Arizona artist Robert Dalegowski lives on in his paintings

Robert Dalegowski loved Arizona – especially the Grand Canyon. It showed in the artwork to which he devoted so much of his life.

Weavers Needle rock formation rises above surrounding landscape

Legend says shadow of Weavers Needle points way to gold in Superstition Mountains

Set in the rugged desert landscape of the Superstition Mountains,  Weavers Needle is an erosional remnant column of rock that forms a distinctive peak visible for many miles around.