Clearly Filtered self-filtering canteen review from the Grand Canyon

Having enough drinkable water can mean life or death when you’re exploring the hot, dry deserts of Arizona. The self-filtering Clearly Filtered canteen can you help you convert almost any water source into drinkable water.

People on rock ledge near creek

When temperatures rise, locals hike to The Crack swimming hole on Wet Beaver Creek near Sedona

Named for a sizable gap between two large sections of red rock this part of Arizona is famous for, “The Crack” is a magnificent visual display.

AZ Wonders creator Paul Fiarkoski

Columbia hiking gear review from Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon

Did you know the same company that makes comfortable, lightweight gear to keep you warm and dry on ski slopes also makes great gear to keep you cool in the desert? I put Columbia gear to the test in triple digit heat on one of America’s most challenging hikes. Find out how it performed.

Stroll through a desert wonderland at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Boyce Thompson Arboretum, tucked into the foothills of Picketpost Mountain near Superior, AZ is a state park like no other. It’s home to hundreds of species of desert loving plants from around Arizona and other parts of the world.

Suspended view of Arizona's Verde River with towering canyon wall in background

Arizona’s Wild and Scenic Verde River begs to be explored

In a southwestern state where perennial flowing water is rare, the Verde River stands in stark contrast to the arid lands through which it meanders.

Kaiser Hot Spring is good medicine

Kaiser Spring Wash is a scenic, moderate hike that’s close enough to do as a day trip from the Phoenix area. Bonus: There’s a mineral-rich hot spring to soak in. Get directions and tips to make the most of the experience.

Adorable young donkey posing for photos in Oatman, AZ

Adorable burros seek, sow wild oats in Oatman

Oatman, AZ has a burro problem. It started not long after the town’s gold mining operations were shut down by … More

Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery helps Rainbow Trout get a healthy start

Due to the wildly fluctuating water levels and temperatures in Arizona’s waterways, the fish population doesn’t exactly thrive. And when … More

Refreshing Rim Country experience flows from Horton Spring and Creek

Nearly 4 miles from the trailhead, Horton Spring is the crown jewel of this exhilarating hike. Crystal clear water emerges from a wall of rock and spills over mossy boulders.

Where to find ancient petroglyphs on Badger Springs Trail at Agua Fria National Monument

Half way between Phoenix and Sedona, is a spot at the Badger Springs exit to pull off and stretch your legs. While you’re there, take a jaunt down the Badger Springs Trail to see petroglyphs and more of Arizona’s other amazing natural wonders.

Colorful leaves on mossy log

Fall color explodes on Oak Creek West Fork Trail in Sedona

A stroll up Oak Creek’s west fork offers one of the best hiking experiences in Sedona – an area already known as a hiker’s paradise. Steep canyon walls and shade trees make this a perfect trail if you’re looking to avoid the heat of the Arizona sun.

full moon rising from behind rocky hill

Must see: amazing Arizona sunset and full moon rise time lapse

Photographers refer to golden hour as a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when daylight is redder and softer … More