Madera Secret Waterfall

This secret, hidden waterfall in Madera Canyon may be the most accessible in Arizona

Everything you need to know about finding the secret, hidden waterfall in Madera Canyon Recreation Area south of Tucson, Arizona.

CCC campsite in Seven Springs Recreation Area.

Three day digital detox itinerary in Tonto National Forest of Arizona

I found myself needing one of those digital detoxes that have become the thing to do. In this post, I’ll share the complete itinerary of my 3-day detox, complete with pictures.

Snow blankets the rugged landscape of Sedona, AZ

A look back at Arizona’s epic winter storm of 2019

Arizona was already on track for an above average winter in the precipitation department. Then a massive storm swept in on Wednesday, February 20. It hovered over the state for nearly three days, dumping record amounts of rain and snowfall.

Saguaro cactus in natural desert habitat

How to tell the difference between Saguaro and Arizona barrel cactus

Knowing the difference between Saguaro and Arizona Barrel cactus can help you better appreciate the diverse plant life in the desert.

Stunning beauty exists deep in the shallow coves of Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is one of Arizona’s beautiful gems. If you want to gain a true appreciation for this spectacular oasis on the edge of the desert, you have to paddle back into the shallow coves.

flowers in planters on block wall

Something’s always blooming at Flower Street Urban Gardens in Phoenix

Intense sunshine and heat in Phoenix pose a unique challenge for gardeners trying to grow flowers and vegetables. One family has created a system for growing plants vertically on the block walls surrounding their property.

Man hiking through tunnel through boulders

Best short hike in Phoenix: Mormon Trail to Hidden Valley and Fat Man’s Pass in South Mountain Park

If you’re in Phoenix for just a short time and need a quick fix of nature on one of the city’s legendary trails, the Mormon Trail to Hidden Valley hike may be just the thing for you.

Tall Joshua Tree with blue sky in background

Arizona’s Joshua Tree Scenic Parkway a worthwhile pitstop along Highway 93

Did you know you can drive through a Joshua Tree Forest in Arizona? It’s true. On Highway 93 between Wickenburg and Wikieup, there’s a 7-mile stretch of road graced with Joshua Trees and other hardy desert plants.

Arizona Trail sign near Roosevelt, AZ

Two men, one mission: Hike the entire 800-mile Arizona National Scenic Trail

On the third weekend of May 2018, two men completed their quests to hike the entire 800-mile Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT). Each started at different times and in different places. They finished in different spots too.

"Old Bones II" painting represents the "Boulders" area in Cave Creek, AZ.

Phoenix artist brings Arizona wonders to life in her studio

Phoenix artist Marsha LAZAR Klinger loves to recreate the Arizona landscapes in her studio with pencils and paint and. The results are beautiful. Get to know Marsha and see her award winning works.

Suspended view of Arizona's Verde River with towering canyon wall in background

Arizona’s Wild and Scenic Verde River begs to be explored

In a southwestern state where perennial flowing water is rare, the Verde River stands in stark contrast to the arid lands through which it meanders.