Rocks stacked on stools along side of Phoenix home

Phoenix resident turns rock stacking into an art form

In Arizona, few topics are as hotly debated as whether it’s okay to stack rocks. One Phoenix resident turned rock stacks (cairns) into an art form.

stone fireplace in desert

Many myths surround the history of Lost Ranch ruins in Phoenix South Mountain Park

Tucked into a small valley of South Mountain Park in Phoenix is a little known ruins site that has generated all sorts of urban myths. I think I uncovered the truth.

Phoenix South Mountain Pima Canyon trailhead sign

South Mountain Park Pima Canyon Trailhead extreme makeover expands access, improves experience

In recent years, the Pima Canyon parking area and trailhead in South Mountain Park has become quite popular with hikers … More

Man hiking through tunnel through boulders

Best short hike in Phoenix: Mormon Trail to Hidden Valley and Fat Man’s Pass in South Mountain Park

If you’re in Phoenix for just a short time and need a quick fix of nature on one of the city’s legendary trails, the Mormon Trail to Hidden Valley hike may be just the thing for you.

waterfall cascades down a rock face

The secret to chasing waterfalls on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix

Camelback Mountain is one of the most recognizable mountains in Arizona. What’s rarely seen are the post-storm waterfalls that run off of rocky crags on the west end of the mountain when it rains hard.

Silhouette of hikers on mountain peak

Ultimate interactive guide to Phoenix Desert Preserves and Mountain Parks

You don’t have to go to the Grand Canyon to experience the natural beauty of Arizona. There are plenty of wonders to see right in the city of Phoenix. Check out this interactive guide.

Phoenix Pueblo Grande Museum preserves Hohokam way of life

Spend an hour walking around the Pueblo Grande Museum and you’ll quickly appreciate how the ancestral Hohokham Indians were able to thrive in the hot desert region now known as Phoenix.

close up shot of praying monk rock formation

Where to see the Praying Monk of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix

On the northwest side of the head section of Camelback Mountain, there is an interesting rock formation that people have dubbed “Praying Monk.” Once you see it, you’ll know why.

Hole in the Rock at Papago Park a magnet for sightseers in Phoenix

Every day, thousands of people whiz by on the Loop 202 freeway between Phoenix and Tempe without knowing they’re about … More

Could Piestewa Peak have an identity crisis?

If a mountain could experience an identity crisis, Piestewa Peak (aka Squaw Peak) would be high risk. Originally named Squaw … More

Get an up-close at South Mountain park in Phoenix

With over 16,000 acres to explore in Phoenix’s South Mountain Park, it’s easy to miss a few things when you … More

America’s Largest City Park: South Mountain in Phoenix

Just south of downtown Phoenix rests South Mountain Park – the largest city-run park in America. With access points in … More