Madera Secret Waterfall

This secret, hidden waterfall in Madera Canyon may be the most accessible in Arizona

Everything you need to know about finding the secret, hidden waterfall in Madera Canyon Recreation Area south of Tucson, Arizona.

CCC campsite in Seven Springs Recreation Area.

Three day digital detox itinerary in Tonto National Forest of Arizona

I found myself needing one of those digital detoxes that have become the thing to do. In this post, I’ll share the complete itinerary of my 3-day detox, complete with pictures.

chocolate covered water cascades over a series of falls

What you need to know before you go see Grand Falls in Arizona

Arizona’s Grand Falls, aka Chocolate Falls, are an awesome site. But they don’t flow all year. Find out the best time to see them and other key tips.

Water trickles over rocks with petroglyphs on Hieroglyphic Trail

Hike Hieroglyphic Trail #101 for an easy path to petroglyphs and waterfalls in the Superstition Mountains

Two of the most exciting things to find when you’re on the trails of Arizona are rock art (aka petroglyphs) and waterfalls. If you hike Hieroglyphic Trail in the Superstition Mountains at the right time of year, you’ll likely find both.

Stunning beauty exists deep in the shallow coves of Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is one of Arizona’s beautiful gems. If you want to gain a true appreciation for this spectacular oasis on the edge of the desert, you have to paddle back into the shallow coves.

waterfall cascades down a rock face

The secret to chasing waterfalls on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix

Camelback Mountain is one of the most recognizable mountains in Arizona. What’s rarely seen are the post-storm waterfalls that run off of rocky crags on the west end of the mountain when it rains hard.

Storm water rushes across a road

Video: Flash flood waters rushing off the Phoenix Mountains Preserve

It doesn’t rain a lot in Phoenix but when it does, sometimes it comes in massive volumes. That was the case in 2018 when Hurricane Rosa made landfall and dumped lots of rain on Arizona.

Wide shot of caves dug into the wall of a canyon

Remote location in Verde River Valley helps protect ancient ruins of Mindeleff Cavate dwellings

Compared to many national parks that feature smooth asphalt roads with large parking lots and visitor centers,Mindeleff Cavates ruins are relatively inaccessible. That may be a good thing because the ancient dwelling site is very well preserved.

Large boulders emerge from Watson Lake near Prescott, AZ

Practical guide to the most scenic lakes in Arizona

There are plenty of spectacular boating lakes dotted around Arizona. Bonus: given the state’s relatively warm climate, the lakes never freeze over. Here’s a great guide to Arizona’s most scenic lakes.

Heavy rain makes for epic flow on Sycamore Falls near Williams, AZ after monsoon storm

MUST SEE: Amazing video of water gushing over Sycamore Falls, southeast of Williams, AZ after one of the heavy monsoon rain storms Arizona is famous for.

Clearly Filtered self-filtering canteen review from the Grand Canyon

Having enough drinkable water can mean life or death when you’re exploring the hot, dry deserts of Arizona. The self-filtering Clearly Filtered canteen can you help you convert almost any water source into drinkable water.