Gear review: Can Armaskin anti-blister sock liners pass the Grand Canyon test?

If you’ve ever completed a long hike over terrain with a lot of ups and downs, you likely found out the hard way how painful blisters on your feet can be.

A company called Armaskin claims its anti-blister sock liners can save us from all that. Since I hike a lot, I know “agony of da feet.” I decided to put their product to the test on a 2022 hike in the Grand Canyon.

I first heard about Armaskin anti-blister sock liners from explorer Art “Karts” Hueusonica when I followed his through-hike of the 800-mile Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT) . Karts claimed his Armaskins were key to his earning the distinction of becoming the oldest known person to complete a yoyo hike (back and forth) of the AZT.

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South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park
South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park

2018: Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike led to “agony of da feet”

In 2018, I learned how painful blisters can be while hiking. That’s when I completed my first long-distance hike: a 26-mile trek from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim.

Known as a Rim to Rim hike (R2R for short), the route takes you down North Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch, across the Colorado River, then up Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim.

No Armaskin, lots of blisters

As detailed in my post Hiking Grand Canyon rim to rim: Good, bad and ugly, I sure could have used some protection from blisters on that hike.

2022: Grand Canyon Rim to River with Armaskin anti-blister sock liners

Fast forward to 2022. A friend invited me to join up with a small group on an 18-mile hike in the Grand Canyon, known to avid hikers as Rim to River.

After accepting the invite, I began preparing with training hikes in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve near my home, then took inventory of my gear. One thing I knew for sure was I needed to protect my feet better than I did on that 2018 hike.

Grand Canyon Rim to River hike overview:

  • Hike down South Kaibab Trail from the South Rim
  • Cross the Colorado River and make a quick jaunt over to Phantom Ranch for a lunch break
  • Hike up Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim
  • 17 miles in total, with an elevation change of about 5,000 feet

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Does Armaskin really help prevent blisters?

Watch: My experience with Armaskin anti-blister sock liners on an 18-mile Grand Canyon hike

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Recap of my experience with Armaskin Anti-blister sock liners:

  • Did they help prevent blisters? Absolutely. I had zero blisters after my 17-mile Grand Canyon hike
  • My rating: Two thumbs up
  • Would I by them again? Yes
  • Do I recommend them to other hikers? Yes, especially for hikes of 8 miles or more, with relatively steep slopes
  • Pro tip: Get the feel of them before your long hike(s) by trying them on a shorter hike (or two) in advance.

Want to try Armaskin? Get it on Amazon

Full disclosure: if you purchase Armaskin anti-blister sock liners by clicking on the link above, I’ll get a small commission. That’s not why I’m recommending them. I really think they’re a game changer.

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