First ever Arizona Trail Thru-Hiker Survey sheds light on who hikes AZT and how they go about it

Who in the world would want to through-hike the Arizona National Scenic Trail? Apparently people from all over the world according to the results from this survey.

Although the sample size was fairly small (30 respondents), my eyes were opened to a few interesting takeaways:

  • Only 18% live in Arizona
  • More than 1/3 were female
  • Almost 20% are age 60 or older
  • Over half began their hike alone
  • 35% did not train for the hike
  • Average time of completion: 45 days

Anyone considering the hike can learn a lot by studying what others have done successfully. Take a look…


The first annual AZT thru-hiker survey results are finally in!

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the survey! The information would not exist without your time and helpful answers.

This survey was created in an effort to aid future thru-hikers in their planning and journey. After reading the similar survey results about the PCT conducted by Halfway Anywhere, I was eager to know the same information about the Arizona Trail. (Disclaimer, I am not Halfway Anywhere. I am Double Orca. While I have participated in the past PCT surveys, I did not conduct them.) I wanted to know what the experience of other hikers was like, how they prepared for their trip, where did they stop, what did they eat, etc. The AZT is a much less frequented trail with a lot fewer people on it relative to the PCT, therefore a lot of the…

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