Top 10 AZ Wonders posts of 2017

When I started this blog in 2017, the idea was to start sharing some of my Arizona adventures with people besides my friends on Facebook. I wasn’t sure how well it would go over with a broader audience of people who don’t know me personally.

I’ve been blown away by the response, to say the least. The feedback and encouragement I get by seeing how many people view, like and comment on the posts really fuels my desire to get out there and discover more Arizona wonders.


Recently, I was looking back at the topics people seem to be most interested in, based on views. Below are the top 10.

Top 10 AZ Wonders posts of 2017:

  1. Superstition Mountains cougar shadow
  2. Amazing Arizona sunset and full moon rise time lapse
  3. Grand Canyon sunset painting stuns all who see it
  4. 4 Arizona Wonders the whole family can enjoy
  5. Fall color explodes on Oak Creek West Fork Trail in Sedona
  6. America’s Largest City Park: South Mountain in Phoenix
  7. Granite Mountain Hotshots memorial
  8. Meet the artist behind the desert moon pic that went viral
  9. Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower up close
  10. Hiking by moonlight

And there are soooo many more for you to see. Just go back to the home page and choose a topic from the Browse menu.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these experiences I’ve been sharing. Believe me, I’ve barely scratched the surface and will be sharing plenty more in 2018.

Please keep following, liking, commenting and sharing. You have no idea how much motivation I get from you.


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