The Wave is a rare treat for anyone lucky enough to score a permit

Take some sand, rock, soil, wind, water, sun and extreme temperatures. Mix them all up in just the right balance. Then shake them up every few thousand years with a plate shift or two. Let the whole thing sit for a million years or so, and you get “The Wave”.

Surely, there’s a better scientific explanation for how this spectacular geologic work of art in Northern Arizona came to be. Google it if you want to. Or just accept it as it is and soak in the beauty.

Photos by Sheila Fuller Kofahl. Click any image to enlarge.

As is the case for so many of Arizona’s most popular spots, experiencing The Wave in person requires advance planning and a permit.

How to get a permit to hike to the Wave⇒

Want to see the Wave for yourself? Tap the map↓

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