Hike the back way to Soldiers Pass in Sedona on Cibola Pass Trail from Jordan Trailhead

If you’re looking to experience Soldiers Pass in Sedona, and want to avoid the well-known hassles of accessing the Soldiers Pass Trailhead, consider starting at Jordan Road trailhead and hiking Cibola Pass and Jordan Trail to Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole.

Cibola Pass Trail sign

Quick take

This two-mile round-trip hike features plenty of challenge and spectacular views of Sedona’s red rock landscape, plus a massive sinkhole dubbed Devil’s Kitchen.

Bonus: it intersects with the hard-to-access Soldiers Pass Trail.

Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole

Devil’s Kitchen

Once you reach Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole at the one-mile mark, the trail connects with Soldiers Pass Trail, where you can venture further up the trail to the mystical Seven Sacred Pools and majestic Soldiers Arch.
Even if you return directly back to the starting point, be sure to look around at the spectacular red rock formations and landscape.

Hike summary:

  • Length: 1 mile each way, 2 miles round-trip
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Highlights: Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, Coffee Pot Rock, Steamboat Rock, Ship Rock
  • Precautions: Rugged shoes and 1 liter water recommended
  • Trailhead: Jordan Road Trailhead
  • Pass/permit required: Red Rocks Pass
Note: 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers

red rock formation in Sedona
The “pouring face” of Coffee Pot Rock is visible at the far left of this rock formation.

When you’re at Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, look for the “pouring face” of Coffee Pot Rock. Scan the tall rock formation to the west all the way to the left.

On your way back to the trailhead, look for Steamboat Rock and Ship Rock.

Steamboat Rock as viewed from Jordan Trail parking area
Steamboat Rock is visible from the Jordan Trail parking area and numerous spots along the hike
Ship Rock Sedona
Ship Rock Sedona

Video: What you’ll experience on this hike

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Even though it can be very challenging to access Soldiers Pass Trail via the main trailhead, you can still access the trail by parking at the Jordan Road trailhead. From there, take Cibola Pass Trail and connect to Jordan Trail. This will get you to the massive sinkhole known as Devil’s Kitchen. From there you can turn around or continue up the canyon on Soldiers Pass Trail.

Map to trailhead

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