World’s smallest museum fits perfectly in Superior

Don’t blink as you’re cruising U.S. Highway 60 past Superior or you might miss the “Worlds Smallest Museum.” It’s on the south side of the highway, just west of the turnoff to Historic Main Street.



The museum is no bigger than your average storage shed, yet I wonder if the curator might be guilty of false advertising. After all, it’s contents spill out onto the adjacent grounds. I can’t help wondering if there’s another tiny museum in the world that hasn’t expanded so far beyond its walls. Who checks claims like that anyway?

A sign above the front door reads “Artifacts of Ordinary Life.” Ordinary, indeed. I mean who hasn’t seen their share of rusted out buckets and wheelbarrows. Then there’s a stack of ordinary tires that resembles a totem pole.

But then, there’s the not so ordinary: an Apache Tear good luck stone purported to be the largest in the world. Outside the museum building is a mammoth tire from some sort of heavy equipment at the nearby Resolution Mine. It’s so big, surely it’s worthy of some title such as largest tire in Arizona.


Perhaps the most noteworthy item on display at the World’s Smallest Museum is the humongous tire that appears to have broken loose from a piece of heavy equipment up at the mine and rolled down to this spot.


Image of Apache Tear good luck stone on display at the World's Largest Museum
Isn’t ironic that in the World’s Smallest Museum you can view the world’s largest Apache Tear from one of the world’s largest copper mine? Wow – that’s a lot of superlatives.


Ready to see the World’s Smallest Museum? Tap the map ↓

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