Historic Hayden Flour Mill remains an anchor in downtown Tempe

Hayden mill rises above the landscape in downtown Tempe
Hayden Mill, Maricopa County’s oldest continuously operated industrial site, closed in 1998.

Hayden Flour Mill attracted the town that became Tempe and gave Mill Avenue its name. Freighter and merchant Charles Hayden built the original mill in 1874. Farmers needed the mill to grind their grain into flour. The mill burned twice and replaced by the present structure in 1918.

Close up view of Hayden Flour Mill in Tempe
Tempe’s bustling Mill Ave gets its name from the Hayden Flour Mill, viewed here from the adjacent “A” Mountain.

While the earlier mills were water-powered, this mill was converted to electricity by 1928. The grain silos were added in 1951.  A 2002 fire destroyed the mill’s additions. Plans are to develop the mill and it’s surroundings into shops, restaurants, offices and homes.

Want to see Hayden Flour Mill for yourself? Tap the map ↓

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