Beyond the Wickenburg roundabouts

About an hour northwest of Phoenix on Hwy 60 sits Wickenburg: a town most notable to through travelers for it’s roundabouts. While they’re are an efficient way to keep traffic moving, they can cause grief and confusion for some drivers. The roundabouts in Wickenburg are especially tricky because they incorporate three lanes – the rightmost of which is an exit lane!

It seems Wickenburg is more of a way stop for people passing through to points beyond than a destination. Thankfully, Judy Lawless and her husband made it a destination and shared this wonderful blog post (linked below), with beautiful pictures of Wickenburg beyond the roundabouts. Enjoy!

After a few days of stressful times, both good and bad, I felt a need to just get away for the day. Jim suggested driving to Wickenburg. The trip should have taken less than two hours, but we were slow to get away and had to stop for lunch. Then after we got back on […]

via A Visit to Wickenburg, Arizona — Mind Traveler



    1. I drove through the historic downtown once and made a mental note to come back for a longer visit, but haven’t done so yet. That’s why your post caught my attention. It’s great that you and your husband were able to make an enjoyable time of it. I love your quips about him interacting with statues. 🙂


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