Balanced Rock in North Scottsdale boggles the mind

Balanced Rock, like many things in the desert, defies logic. And that’s part of the allure.

Large top-heavy rock balancing on a slope

It’s mind boggling really. How can this mammoth top-heavy rock just stand there, balanced on a slope without toppling over?

If you stop and think about how this big chunk of granite got this way, it just bewilders the brain. I’m sure the geologists among you can explain it. I’m clueless and just enjoy looking at it and letting my mind wander.

man standing at base of large balanced rock
Me standing next to Balanced Rock in Scottsdale, AZ to show how massive the rock really is.

The hike to Balanced Rock is relatively short and easy from Granite Mountain Trailhead in North Scottsdale – about 4 miles round-trip. I strongly encourage it for anyone who loves getting out in nature and seeing cool stuff.

large saguaro cactus against backdrop of blue sky
Iconic saguaro stretches toward the Arizona sky along the trail to Balanced Rock.
Yellow flowers bloom on a bush
A rare treat on a Fall hike: Brittle Bush in full bloom is generally only seen in Springtime.
Bright orange poppie flower emerges from desert floor
Wild poppies bloom out of season thanks to abundant Fall rains.

Once you get to the trailhead parking lot, the map shown below will guide you to Balanced Rock. You can also grab a paper map to follow, if you wish.



Want to see it in person? Tap the map: 

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