Mystery of Phoenix castle unraveled

It’s called My Mystery Castle, although once you hear the story it’s not so mysterious. Boyce Gully built this native stone castle at … More

Historic El Tovar Hotel transcends time on Grand Canyon South Rim

Along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon sits the El Tovar hotel, known by travelers around the world for … More

Image of large cylindrical rock feature in center with water wrapping around it

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Cool Springs Station wide view

Cool Springs Station worth going out of the way for

Everyone knows the secret to a successful rest stop is to build a modern facility with all the bells and … More

Experience Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower up close

At a point high above an elbow in the Grand Canyon where the Colorado River shifts from south to west … More

Desert View offers unique perspective from Grand Canyon South Rim

Like an oasis for travelers, the Desert View Visitor Center awaits people arriving at the Grand Canyon’s south rim from … More

4 Arizona Wonders the whole family can enjoy

If you’re looking for family-friendly activities, Arizona has plenty of natural wonders that won’t disappoint. Here are a few favorites that most everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or physical ability.

Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery helps Rainbow Trout get a healthy start

Due to the wildly fluctuating water levels and temperatures in Arizona’s waterways, the fish population doesn’t exactly thrive. And when … More

Monumental Battleship rock formation rises high from Grand Canyon

Of all the amazing sights to behold at the Grand Canyon, The Battleship rock formation is one of only a … More

Ruins at Tuzigoot National Monument

Ancient dwellings at Tuzigoot National Monument

Few experiences can help you feel the spirit of the Southwest like exploring one of the many ancient dwelling sites dotted around Arizona. Tuzigoot National Monument, a couple hours’ drive north of Phoenix, is a wonderfully restored geological wonder.