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My name is Paul and I’ll be your guide on this exciting Arizona Wonders journey.

Are you ready to experience an amazing place loaded with unexpected sights, sounds and experiences?

I started this blog in 2017 after living in Arizona for five years. It’s my attempt to help showcase the amazing beauty of the Grand Canyon State for all to see.

My goal is to share insights into this magnificent place that will help others explore unique nooks and crannies of Arizona.

Two things I knew about Arizona when I moved here:

  1. It’s hot
  2. The Grand Canyon is here

Both are facts that most people know about Arizona. What I’ve learned in my time living here is that there is so much more to Arizona than heat and the Grand Canyon.

My awareness of the many wonders of Arizona was piqued in 2014 when I went on a group hike with my church to an amazing place called Havasupai. Based on the pictures alone, you might think you’re looking at a remote place on an island in the tropics. The journey involved a 5-hour bus ride to a dusty parking lot. From there, we hiked eight miles down into the canyon, where we stayed in a very basic lodge managed by residents of Supai village. As we neared the village, we crossed a small, swift-running creek of clear water that originated from a spring.


The next morning, we ventured down the canyon a few more miles. Every hundred yards or so, the creek got a little wider and ran a little faster. Eventually, we began to see small waterfalls. The falls got bigger and bigger as we ventured on. Before I knew it, I was looking at a gushing waterfall that poured well over a hundred feet (33 meters) into a massive, clear turquoise-blue pool carved out of rock-like travertine.


Unbelievably, we would come upon an even larger, more stunning fall further downstream. I felt like I was experiencing a place only possible in dreams. Check out some of my photos below from the Havasupai experience. (Click any thumbnail image for larger view).

My Arizona Bucket list

The trip to Havasupai had a profound affect on my perspective of Arizona. I thought if that magnificent place was accessible only to those willing to get out of the car (or bus in my case) and venture out, what other wonders are out there waiting to be experienced. I chose to no longer just live in Arizona, but to actually seek out adventure and explore this amazing place.

There are so many amazing natural wonders to see in Arizona that I created a bucket list.

Want to see my Arizona bucket list? Here ya go:

Ultimate Arizona Wonders bucket list and top ten list

How this blog came to life

Before I started the blog, I used to post pictures on Facebook and tell a story or two after each adventure. My Facebook friends seemed to take interest based on their comments, even though most of my contacts do not live in Arizona.

Over time, I realized that more and more of my Facebook updates were about the wonders of Arizona. So, I decided to set up this blog and named it AZ Wonders. The response has been great!

Feedback and encouragement from my followers keeps me going. Through the WordPress blogging service I use, I am able to see where people are spending the most time on the blog.

The number one post (by far) that draws people to is Superstition Mountains cougar shadow. This blog post evidently ranks very high when people search for that amazing natural phenomenon that happens only a few days during the year.

time lapse of cougar shadow appearing and disappearing on a mountain
Time lapse image of the Superstition Mountains Cougar photographed from 4th Ave & Goldfield Rd in Apache Junction

If you’re curious about the other popular posts, check out Top 10 AZ Wonders posts of 2018.

Along with the blog itself, I invite you to follow my adventures on a special Facebook page and Twitter account that I set up. Plus, I have a bunch of videos from my adventures on YouTube.

Some highlights of my Arizona Bucket list

These days, I see so many amazing sights as I travel the state. People who come with me on field trips sometimes get impatient because I’m always stopping to check out rocks, critters, plants and other wonders I once took for granted. And of course, I can’t just look at them. I have to take pictures – from multiple angles. Ha! This is the main reason I am usually alone in my videos.

I am often asked what my favorite Arizona Wonder is. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but below I’ve listed a few experiences that I’d love to do again and again.

If I were to give an honorable mention award to one Arizona Wonder, it would have to be Kaiser Hot Spring. (Check out the post and you’ll see why.) It’s about a two hour drive from Phoenix and the perfect cure for anyone in need of a mental health day off from life.

How to use this site

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Start your AZ Wonders adventure

I am so glad you’re here! Arizona is a place full of exciting adventures. Now, all you have to do is start clicking around to explore more. Hang around and keep coming back because I’ve just scratched the surface. There are so many more wonders to explore. And I want to share them all with you.


    1. Thanks, katelon! I’ve been putting it off in favor of pursuing adventures. This is the year I get serious about doing things more strategically with the blog. Happy 2018 to you!

  1. We will definitely check this out when we come back from the east. Although we spent our time in the Tucson area during winter there are still a lot of natural wonders to be explored in AZ. Perhaps you might want to check my Arizona postings too, there may be areas you have not explored yet.

  2. Great blog! Thank you for coming over and checking out my blog and taking the time to comment. I have enjoyed a few of your posts and am thrilled to find someone else who loves this state as much as me.

    I am so grateful to live in this gorgeous state. We hike and 4 wheel in many beautiful places and come across some of the most beautiful places in the Back Country of this amAZing Arizona.

    Keep on posting and enjoying this wonderful state… your followers love it! (Especially the new ones!) 😊

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t gone off road much yet, except for hiking, but I admit I got a little OHV envy driving back from Lake Havasu last weekend. The people roaming around out in the desert make it look so fun.

      1. It is fun!
        We have a Jeep and head out about twice a week with several other 4 wheelers. I am going to post soon about the Back Country near Castle Hot Springs on Castle Creek Rd.
        We were in awe the whole trip!
        Merry Christmas!

      2. Sounds fun! We have a Jeep Wrangler but it’s not outfitted with all the stuff I see on many of the vehicles I see heading out there. Don’t want to turn it into an unintended camping trip, if you know what I mean.

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